Saturday, January 18, 2014

Blue Moon 15mm 18mm French Artillery

Just finished these last night. The figures are very good, detailed and well cast, nice poses too.  The guns really have a presence on the table. Nicely detailed and just look right.  This is two batteries, one 6lb, one 8lb.  They should be post 1812 uniform, but Blue moon's post 1812 artillerists have a covered shako... i hate covered shakos....


  1. Very nice artillery; Covered shakos are OK with me for an occasional unit in Greatcoats, or militia (and 1813 Prussians!), but otherwise - spoils the "wow" factor of Napoleonic uniforms. :-)

  2. I agree Peter, only good for men in greatcoats!
    What I really like about blue moon is their figs have the look of 28mm ....