Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Blue Moon 18mm / 15mm Hussars from Old Glory, 4th Regiment

Here are some 18mm blue moon hussars, painted to represent the 4th Regiment.  I used the later uniform, with the rouleau shako but still had elites in colpack, because I like them that way...

I'm very happy with them, well detailed, and nice animation, though I thought their faces were a little weak. 
Here are a few more closer shots:


  1. They look very nice.

    Blue Moon seems to be a good manufacturer

  2. Ah, the 4e Hussards! My all time favorite French Hussar regiment. I had them in my original Scruby army, and when I replaced those back in the 1990's, I had to have them again (with Foundry this time out). They've always been good performers on the table. I have never been a big fan of these later cylindrical shakos, but the red shakos look good with the dark blue dolman and red pelisses of the 4e. And I agree, gotta have colpacks for the "compagnie d' elite". I am pleased to see your trumpeter is in reversed colors as well - none of that "Imperial Livery" crap for my horse soldiers either! :-)

  3. They were fun, if somewhat time consumimg, to paint. I love the color combination on the 4th Hussars.... I really like blue moon, they have a great combination of detail, animation, and they are robust. They just give the look of shrunken down 25mm figs.

  4. Lovely Hussars! Red shakos are the business!